Week 2

Homework: ACME Corp

Build the homepage for Acme Anvil Corporation. It should end up looking like this:

We didn't get to finish building our profiles today. It would have been nice to practice a bit more. I finished mine and posted it for you to use as a reference when working on the homework. Just View > Developer > View Source to see my code. Avand's FEWD 34 profile.


Submitting Homework


There are a bunch of things that make up a web page aside from the actual document content itself. Stuff like:

Generally speaking, metadata goes in the <head> tag, and page content goes in the <body> tag.


When you use anything other that static (the default value for position), you'll be able to use the properties top, right, bottom and left to adjust your elements position, but how it is positioned depends on what value you set position to: