Acme Anvil Co. Continued

Build two more pages for Acme Anvil Corporation: Products and Sign Up.

The key to sharing CSS between pages is to create a stylesheet. It's nothing fancy--just a plain text file with .css extension. So first, create a file called stylesheet.css right next to your index.html. If you want, you could put it in a folder--that's up to you. The next step is to move your CSS from the <style> (where it currently lives) to stylesheet.css. Do not put the <style> tag in the stylesheet.css file (just the CSS). Last step: where your <style> used to be, put a <link> tag. Just like this:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css" media="screen" >

Now you can create a new file, products.html, for example. Put that same <link> tag on the new page. Now your styles are shared between pages. Unfortunately, all the code for your header will have to be duplicated.

Products Page

ACME Products

Sign Up Page

ACME Sign up