Calculators homework screenshot

Your task is to write four functions that will make three calculators work:

Please do not touch the code in interface.js. That is the code responsible for running the program and if you mess with it, the UI will break. Write your code in index.html.

Download this ZIP to get started. You'll see an index.html file. That's where your code will go. There's actually a place at the bottom that shows you exactly where to put your code. You have to use your developer tools to complete this assignment. The four functions you're writing can't just be called anything. They must be called certain things and they must take certain arguments. That's what you need to figure out. They also must each return a number. Once they return the right number, you'll see that number appear in the interface.

You don't need to use document.querySelector(). You don't need addEventListener(). Just write four functions.