JS Exercises

We don’t yet know enough to do much interesting. We can’t attach any behavior to buttons or forms because we don’t know about event listeners. But we can do some basic page manipulation. This assignment will practice that.

There are three tasks:

  1. Set the document.title to the value of the element .document-title. Easy enough.
  2. Grab the value from .first-name and “concatenate” (remember, that means string addition) it with the value of .last-name. Then set the result to the value of .full-name. Put a space between the two words.
  3. Build the times table. Each input has a unique class. Use it to grab the value from that cell, use parseInt() to convert it to a number, then set the product to the value of the right cell in the table. Just like the calculator we built in class but more of it.

Start by downloading the starter code.